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Try our first whisky! Introducing our Autumn '23 American-style Whisky. An 100% corn whisky aged 4 years in oak barrels, then finished in cherry brandy and port casks for 1 year.

This smooth, aromatic bourbon-style whisky has enchanting notes of red wine and stone fruit mixed with classic tobacco and caramel. Autumn '23 is a limited release small batch premium Canadian whisky, here to win over your love and affection.


This might be an overshare... but, so far, we have been asked by every person that has tried our Autunm '23 whisky, "Why and HOW are you only charging $49.99 for our small batch craft whisky!?"

For those Albertan whisky lovers, this seems unexpectedly low for a five year small batch release from a local micro-distillery. Most of our direct competition generally charge up to double for their craft whisky bottles, as small batch aging is massive investment.

However, we believe that our Autumn '23 American-style whisky competes in quality to the big and old names in whisky such as Jamesons, Johnnie Walker, Maker's Mark, Four Roses, etc. All of these long-standing companies have been distilling high quality whisky for generations. 

Now, what does this have to do with the price tag? Well, all of these companies have reputable whiskies priced right around that $50 mark. By placing our whisky in this same price range, we are announcing that, not only does it compete in quality and flavour, but, you should come back for more and can rely on Confluence to deliver world-class products.

This is a chance to access an exclusive, limited release whisky at inclusive globally competitive pricing!

Isn't it Bourbon?

Due to whisky law, a whisky can only be called Bourbon if it is aged and bottled in the United States. It can be made anywhere in the USA, as opposed to the myth that it can only be bourbon if it's from Kentucky or Tennessee.

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