Black Negroni

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Black Negroni

Black Negroni

The best part about being a gin distillery is that we are able to create many flavours of negronis. Each gin plays a new role, making it possible to design new recipes to highlight the unique qualities of the gins.


Our Winter Spice Gin is a house and fan favourite, so hopefully you enjoy this Winter Spice Gin negroni, the Black Negroni.


The name chiefly comes from a sister cocktail, the 'Black Manhattan', a version of a Manhattan made with Averna Amaro in lieu of vermouth. But the name could also be attributed to the moody, dark colour or, if we're being artistic, a play on the dark winter nights that seem so long. How better to weather the long nights than with a perfectly bold black negroni in hand?


Black Negroni

1 oz Winter Spice Gin

1 oz Averna Amaro

1 oz Becherovka liqueur (clove)

Add all ingredients in a mixing jar full of ice. Stir together for 10-15 seconds. Strain into a rocks glass and add new ice. Express an orange peel over the drink, twist, and garnish.

If you love negroni's you'll love this cocktail. Curious about the other two ingredients? Averna Amaro is a dark Italian-style bitter-sweet liqueur, and is widely available at many liquor stores. It is used in other cocktails, such as the Black Manhattan, as mentioned before. Becherovka is a specialty and novel clove liqueur. You may have to ask your local liquor vendor to order some in special for you, or find a specialty liquor store in your area. It's an awesome liqueur that is sorely underused.


But obviously, this negroni would be nothing without the beautifully nostalgic flavour of our Winter Spice Gin. Enjoy!

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