Brunch Gin Mimosa

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Brunch Gin Mimosa

Brunch is my favourite part of the weekend. There are many ways to celebrate brunch: early brunch, late brunch, regular brunch or long brunch. It's the best meal, because it can basically happen anytime of the day.

If you've never had a long brunch, it is probably one of the most spectacular things you can do as an adult. It's all about being carefree, shirking responsibility, and not worrying about tomorrow. The chances to take those moments seem far and few between as we get try and do our best adulting we can. Long brunch is a cherished luxury.


Our Brunch Gin Mimosa is the perfect quaff for any brunch occasion. But especially for the weekends or holidays, when you allow yourself a drink before noon. Carpe diem!


Brunch Ginmosa

1 oz pineapple juice

1 oz orange juice

3/4 oz Detour gin

2-3 oz Cava brut

Add juices and Gin into a wine flute, then top up with your bubbles. Garnish with whatever fruit you have, and cheers to brunch!

The first time I made this cocktail was for my family on Christmas morning. In recent years, it has become a family tradition to drink all day on Christmas and stuff our faces full of food. The old tradition of exchanging gifts has been replaced by this long, full day of eating, drinking and making merry. We are grateful and lucky to have a family that is able to do so.


This cocktail was the perfect start to our long brunch Christmas day.

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