It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new brand.

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It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new brand.

And we're feeling good.

On Feb 1st, 2023 we closed our cocktail bar for some much needed TLC. For the following 3 weeks we have been working long, grueling hours flexing our handy-man skills. We hammered out all the problems, and hammered in some new features.


But that's not the only reason we closed. We wanted a fresh start. A fresh start to coincide with our brand refresh.


Since we released our first product, as owners, we've struggled creating a strong and visible brand identity. It's not that we don't think our current bottles are beautiful. We got some very talented Calgary-based artists to design the artwork for these beauties.


Not without difficulty, we have decided to say farewell to this packaging design.




Launching March 21st, 2023

Our new brand is all about being the best we can be.

We want people to know the effort that is put into every bottle; To understand the desire to be better and bring the world something different.


We want to disrupt the distilling world with our distinct drinks.

Our new brand is all about having fun, sharing knowledge and bringing global ideas to a local level. Except a lot more small batch crafty bevies and stunning seasonals.


Likely, if you're reading this, that means you were already a fan. Hopefully you can continue to support us as we continue our journey, as we aim to bring you something different and inspire you to drink better... not more.


To sign off, we have some sad (ish) news.

Our Manchester Dry Gin -- the first gin we ever released -- is being removed from our main stay line up. It is no longer in production, which means whatever is on the shelves now is the last you will see of this gin. It had a good run, but was definitely our novice-style gin.


Let us know if this was one of your favourite's in the comments below.


Farewell Manchester Dry,

Hello to our new brand.

And we're still feeling good.

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