The Glory of Gardening

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The Glory of Gardening

You got some of our Laundry Deter'Gin'T and now you're trying to figure out what the best way to drink it is...

This teal beauty is super aromatic with strong mint flavours, balanced with lavender and lemon. It's bright spring flavour and floral fragrance will remind you of that countryside garden you can't keep but pausing at.


This cocktail emulates all that lovely garden greenery and scents, and is a perfect sipper to relax at home.


The recipe


2 slices cucumber

4-6 mint leaves

3/4 oz lemon juice

1/2 oz Elderflower liqueur

1-1/2 oz Laundry Deter'Gin'T

Muddle together mint leaves and cucumber in the bottom of a shaker

tin. Add all your liquids into the shaker with lots of ice and shake. Double strain mixture into a stemmed glass.


Garnish with a lemon twist, cucumber wedge or a sprig of mint. Feel free to ham it up and release your inner influencer.


This cocktail is very bright and aromatic, cleansing the palate, and opening up your airways like a dewy morning in the garden.



If you enjoy this cocktail, try our other Laundry Deter'Gin't recipe, the Raspberry Mintini!

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