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Raise a can of Maté Plus to good times with friends! Formerly known as Club Maté+, our signature vodka cocktail is often found at dance clubs, music bars, game night, house parties and any late night festivities. Maté Plus is a vodka cocktail flavoured with cherry, lemon and the amazing South American tea, Yerba Mate.

It's sweet, but not too sweet, gluten-free and has a flavour like nothing you've ever drank before! 

This is a collaboration with one of Calgary's very first breweries, Highline Brewing. 

Why the name?

Club Maté+ was inspired by a popular German energy drink called "Club Mate". It is particularly popular with programmers and dance clubbers so that they can stay awake into the wee hours of the day to accomplish great things. Both the owners of Confluence and Highline spent ample time in Berlin, appreciating the culture and loving the lifestyle. 

We changed our the name of the Club Maté+ to Maté Plus

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