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Want a detour to something a little magical? You'll love our colour-changing Amethyst Gin! It starts as a lovely purple hue and changes from pink, blue or yellow depending on the acidity of your drink! 

Magic... science... same thing sometimes.

If it's going to look purple, we think it should also taste purple! This purple gem has a bouquet of floral aromatics, with a delicate balance of lavender, blueberry and elderflower. See sections below for more info.

More about Amethyst Gin

Our Amethyst gin is made with 11 select aromatic botanicals to play on all the senses and create a glittering flavour that'll sparkle your taste buds. The featured botanicals that drive the flavour are lavender, elderflower, blueberry and grains of paradise.

The colour of the gin is created using a natural flower called Butterfly Peaflower. It's strong indigo colour is used to dye the gin it's eye-catching hue.

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