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Genever is a traditional spirit originating from the Netherlands. The easiest way to describe it is a combination of whisky and gin. Why? Because, Genever (or Jenever) is made from malted grains (like whisky) and is often aged in oak barrels (like whisky) and must be distilled in the presence of juniper berries (like gin). Fun fact: Jenever actually means Juniper in Dutch. 

BATCH 001 of our Genever is oak forward, having been aged in a dark char bourbon barrel for 3 months. Note the baking spice characteristics which complement the hint of juniper.

This product is part of our BEER RESCUE PROGRAM. Our genever was distilled from a single malt stout beer, rescued from Born Brewing.

How to Drink Genever

Traditionally this spirit is drink straight out of 1-2 oz cordial stemmed glassware and sipped.


If you're feeling frisky, you can do a kopstootje. Kopstootje is when you serve your shot of Genever with a pint of light ale beer. Take a sip of genever, then a sip of beer, and you got yourself a kopstootje.


You can also mix it into cocktails. The Wine Enthusiast provides recipes for 5 intriguing genever cocktails to try.

Beer Rescue Program

For every bottle sold, we donate $2 to the AARCS foundation. We save beer and turn it into something cool and delicious. By purchasing this bottle, you help save the lives of Calgary's furry friends at AARCS. Learn more about our Beer Rescue Program HERE.

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