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To create a premium quality vodka, there are two main elements we focus on. 1. we use the best world-class ingredients, and 2. we capture only the cleanest, purest part of the distillation, which we call the heart of the hearts.

The vodka world might be full of princes and kings, but they are all dethroned by our Queen of Hearts vodka! With access to Alberta's world class grain crops and fresh glacial waters, we are able to showcase these superior ingredients in our heart-filled 100% wheat-based vodka. 

All vodka is gluten-free.


Vodka quality is determined partially by the quality of base ingredient used, but predominantly by the production process that the distiller decides to use. 

Our Queen of Hearts vodka is our purest and smoothest vodka. True to it's name, our process to make this vodka involves only taking the cleanest cut of hearts possible during distillation (learn more here). This removes any possible chance of impurities and undesirables from sneaking their way into the vodka.  This is what makes our vodka the Queen of Hearts. 

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