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Introducing the aptly name Tickled Pink Gin. The colour inspired by bright pink prairie sunsets while the flavour is reminiscent of tropical climates.


Our pink gin gets it’s sweet-citrus punch from grapefruit, lemon grass and chamomile, and for complexity and balance we added the spiciness of ginger and Thai chilis. It’s uniquely delicious and you'll be hooked on the pink stuff.


How to drink

We recommend mixing with plain tonic, soda, or Elderflower tonic.

Goes great in cocktails such as the French 75 cocktail,  the Negroni, or a Last Word. 

More info

We were passing through London before opening Confluence and were astounded by the walls of pink-coloured gin. Literally an entire section of the liquor store was dedicated to pink gins.

We learned it wasn’t just the UK that were diving into this pink gin craze, but much of western Europe. Either Europe is obsessed with the colour pink, or maybe they were on to something. We loved it, and didn’t want to waste time adding a pink gin to our collection.

Pink gins are typically characterised by their sweet aromas and palates, separating them from the traditional London dry gin.

Pink gin. So hot right now.

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